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How easy is it to submit unsecured loans?

We have made it so easy it involves no extra effort on your part. Just give us the name and telephone number of your clients and we do everything else. We'll take a full application, process it to a lender and keep you updated along the way until the loan is completed. Alternatively just click the "Apply Online" link and you can submit an application online.

How long does it normally take before the loan is paid out?

For Personal Loans, your client could receive the funds within 4-5 days of applying.

How much can my clients borrow?

Personal Loans are available from £200 to £25,000 for a term of 1 to 10 years.

How much commission will I receive?

We are committed to paying the highest commission possible. We will pay you 3% commission on the full amount of the loan, including the PPP. In addition we will pay you override, based on the volume of applications you send us. We pay commission faster than anybody else, you should normally receive it in the first week of the following month when the loan completed. Give us a call to discuss our commission structure.

Do you specialise in personal loans for tenants?

Yes, we are one of the longest established unsecured loan companies. We have been specialising in unsecured loans for tenants and those with adverse credit record since 1996. Because of our extensive knowledge of this market we usually succeed where others fail and we can boast the highest completion rate. We have forged relationships with specialist lenders who take a positive approach to your clients requirements and circumstances.

How long does it take to be accredited?

All you need to do is complete the Introducer Application Form. Then fax it to us together with your Consumer credit licence and your Data Protection Certificate. Within a few hours you will receive confirmation and a unique Broker Code. Then you can start sending applications to us.



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